Delivery in the Baltics and Finland within 1-2 working days
Delivery in the Baltics and Finland within 1-2 working days

Immunity Chilli Gift Box

The best gift is health! Immune-boosting gift set from Hot Chip. Ideal for both the beginner and the more experienced chilli lover. A wide range of chilli products with different degrees of heat.

Contents of the set:

  • Hot Chip Challenge (2.5 g)
    The ultra-spicy one chip challenge ensures an unforgettable experience.
  • Chilli-mango jam (180 g)
    An exciting combination of Bhut Jolokia chilli and sweet oranges in a jam form.
  • Honey with chilli (200 g)
    Vitamin C, in a spicy way! Goes well with tea, marinade or a sweet dish.

  • Beef Jerky Chipotle
    (25 g)
    Chipotle-flavoured beef jerky – a protein-rich snack.

  • Jelly Beans Spicy Fruit
    (60 g)
    Fruit flavoured jelly bean sweets spiced with chilli.
  • Green jalapeno chilli powder (10 g)
    Goes particularly well with Mexican cuisine!
  • Scotch Bonnet chilli powder (10 g)
    A spicy seasoning, flavoured with apple, cherry and apricot in addition to chilli.
  • Bird’s Eye dried chilli (30 g)
    Dried chillies of medium heat, well suited for seasoning dishes.
  • Habanero flakes (30 g)
    Spicy chilli flakes with a tropical flavour.
  • Strips Limed Habaneros (80 g)
    A protein-rich snack made from legumes, spiced with habanero chilli.
  • Chilli-kiwi flavoured syrup (550 ml)
    Well suited for flavouring different drinks (including cocktails).
  • Chilli & Lime Chips (80 g)
    Potato chips with chilli and lime.

  • Strawberry & Chilli Raw Protein Bar
    (35 g)
    Strawberry and chilli flavoured protein-rich raw baton.
  • Chipotle nuts (70 g)
    Nuts flavoured with smoky chipotle chilli.


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