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Delivery in the Baltics and Finland within 1-2 working days

Brendan The Chilli Man’s culinary journey from Italy to the Caribbean

To celebrate the upcoming barbecue season, we’re introducing four new products from UK tastemaker Brendan’s.

Brendan Thomas, also known as the Chilli Man, has canned a diverse selection of sauces, all based on a common principle – flavour comes first, then the heat!

Red Pepper Snapper
Mild Italian Style

Heat: 3/10

The recipe is inspired by Italian flavours. Specifically, the lasagna served with a freshly made hot sauce in a restaurant in the town of Ferrara.

It was from this sauce combined with lasagne that Chilli Man was inspired to create a spicy Italian-style sauce, perfect for use in a variety of dishes or as a dip, for example, with cheese.

Smoking Gun
Medium Hot Smoky Mexican Style

Heat: 4/10

This product is well described by the phrase “chili con carne in a can”, even though there is no meat in this sauce. Smoky and earthy, characterised by notes of raisin, chocolate, vanilla, tobacco.

Good in stews, as a marinade, on meat or simply as a dip.

Medium Hot Kebab Shop Style

Heat: 6/10

NW3 is a medium spicy, kebab shop style sauce named after West Hampstead in North London – the postcode of the kebab shop there. This product is Chilli Man’s tribute to its favourite kebab place.

Great with meat or halloumi cheese, but also as a dip! Enhance the flavour by adding lemon juice, parsley and olive oil.

Scorpion Kiss
Hot Sweet & Herby

Heat: 7/10

The hottest product in Brendan’s range. A rather spicy, sweetish sauce flavoured with herbs. The freshness of lime and the heat of Scorpion chillies.

The Chilli Man recommends trying mixing with yoghurt, adding fresh herbs and black pepper for a perfect sauce for chicken wings!

Check out the full Brendan’s selection and don’t forget to leave a product review after tasting the products – you’ll earn extra Scoville points which will give you a discount on your next order!

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